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Occupied, Partial and Vacant Home Staging

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Benchmark Home Staging excels in bringing out the best in your home. Our personalized service, complimentary consultations, and detailed action plans create the opportunities to make the best possible first impressions. Given that 55% of home buyers use websites or other online services to view properties they are considering,
that first impression is often made before the buyer ever steps inside the door.

Vacant Home Staging

Homes may sit vacant for any number of reasons.
Sometimes homeowners must relocate before their current house has gone under contract.

New construction and investment properties that have recently been repaired and remodeled are also likely to sit empty on the market. But no matter the reason, vacant properties statistically take far longer to sell, and they often bring in lower offers.

Our home staging and design team will create a detailed plan to maximize your profits and minimize the number of days your house stays on the market.


Process and Pricing

The process starts with a consultation. It includes visiting the property, meeting with the potential client, walking through the property, taking photos/measurements and assessing the scope of work. If you provide us with basic information about the square footage, the number of rooms, style type, and location of the house,   we can also provide a rough estimate over the phone.

The next step is sending the Proposal. After the approval, we set up a staging date. The staging process includes moving in the furniture and accessories and styling the property. The process typically takes 1-3 days depending upon the scope of work. The final step is De-staging.


Basic Staging Package

For homes up to 2200 sqft only- $1350-$1850 - 2-months contract.

Monthly charge after the initial contract ends is $250- $450.

Rooms to be staged – Master bedroom and bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and entryway.

The package includes planning, installing, styling, and De-staging

For Homes more than 2200 sq ft -the staging price may vary depending upon the size of the property scope of work, rooms to be staged.

Occupied Home Staging

People who are selling the home they currently live in face a different challenge—creating an aesthetic that will appeal to others, but that still works for their daily life. Often, Realtors say their biggest challenge is getting homeowners to look at their home the way a buyer will. This means:

  • Deciding how to arrange the furniture
  • Decluttering to maximize the available space
  • Removing many personal items like family photos
  • Packing up non-essential items and storing them out of sight

A home staging expert can provide the outside perspective needed to achieve the results you want.

Our consultants will work with you to streamline, declutter, and reorganize in a way that best showcases your home. We will make recommendations after we complete our complimentary consultation. We'll also discuss our recommendations with you and together we will get your home sold.


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